About Us


TOE ELECTRIC has been established since 1992. We usually produce Amp 150, Amp 200, Amp 250, Amp 300, Amp 300 (Economy), Amp 400 and Amp 500 welding machines with very good quality and consider the design of them based on voltage of our country’s electricity. Moreover, we provide 3 years warranty with certain terms. Although the welders are working as day shift and night shift, our Machines (TOE) had been using day and night 24 hours according to their nature of usage. Currently, in Myanmar both Government shipyards such as Sin-Ma-Lite, Daw-Pon, Theinphyu, etc... and private shipyards such as Shwe Hnin Si, Marine 5, etc…. they are using our products months by months then years by years in long-term. Finally, the images of TOE Welding Machines are the best among shipyards. Our products become very popular in welding machines market of Myanmar over the decades. Our products have got largest market shares among the local made welding products. We also provide the best services and maintenance after sale. Toe Electric has been getting the full trust, respect and satisfactory from customers who contact with us.

Furthermore, some customers who are household users, working not heavy duty, working climb up position, or higher place, etc… they demanded to use lighter and cheaper inverter type welding machines. We decided to do as Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) the products from China for all of our customers/users. That’s why as a partner company, Myanmar Right Way Co. Ltd was set up to do import procedures. In September 2011, we started OEM goods such as inverter type welding machines, TIG, MIG, Spot welder, cutting machines, related spares and consumables. And then we also imported welding cables, welding electrodes and welding wires from Thailand and Vietnam. In doing so, we can provide one stop service for customers more and more.

As expandable businesses, TOE ELECTRIC also provides installation and repairing of Power Electronic Furnaces, installation and repairing of Auto Door Systems and CNC machines and CNC cutting services.